*A Graduating High School Student is a student who has completed his/her high school requirements and whose college tuition is not being paid by their school district.  For purposes of awarding Bonanza Booster Club scholarships, students attending college with their tuition paid by their school district are not considered graduating high school students and are not eligible to be considered for scholarships until completing their ‘Advanced Diploma’ or similar program. 
**Proof of Enrollment may consist of provision of a Student ID, an official tuition bill, schedule of classes, or enrollment verification form or letter from the school confirming that the student is currently enrolled in courses for a particular quarter or semester.

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Bonanza Boosters Scholarship Application & Information

 I,_________________________________________, have read the Bonanza Booster Club Scholarship information and affirm that I plan to pursue post-high-school education at a Vocational School, Junior or Community College, or four-year College or University.  I give permission to officials of my institution to release transcripts of my academic record and other information requested for consideration in this scholarship program.  I waive the right to access letters of recommendation written on my behalf.  I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the Bonanza Booster Club if my plans change from what I have indicated in this application.  I affirm that all of this application, including the information presented here as well as in any accompanying documents I provide, is my own work and true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Signature:________________________________________            Date:________________________________

Full Legal Name:______________________________________________________________________________

Email Address:________________________________________________________________________________

The Bonanza Booster Club is pleased to offer one or more academic non-renewable scholarships to be awarded to needy or deserving graduating high school students* of Bonanza High School as funds are available. The amount awarded is typically a minimum of $250.00 and a maximum of $600.00.   

Scholarship requirements are:  

Graduation from Bonanza High School 

Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 

Parent/guardian must be a Bonanza Booster Club member by November 1 of the candidate’s senior year 

Candidate must intend to attend a Vocational School, Junior or Community College, or four-year College or University 

Completed scholarship application must be received on or prior to the last day of school before spring break of the candidate’s senior year 

Additional scholarship considerations include: 

Candidate’s status as a past or current student-athlete 

Candidate’s status as a “lettered” student-athlete 

Candidate’s status as a student leader 

Candidate’s overall demonstration of positive citizenship 

If a scholarship recipient is unable to graduate from Bonanza High School, the scholarship will be revoked and another qualified candidate may be selected.  If a scholarship recipient is unable to attend school the next school year due to a reasonable cause, Organization members will determine if the scholarship monies can be deferred or must be returned to Bonanza Booster Club. The scholarship recipient must inform the Bonanza Booster Club if their post-graduation plans change from stated intentions provided during the scholarship application process. 

Bonanza Resource and Education Center

Application Process

To apply for the Bonanza Booster Club Scholarship, print this page or obtain a printed copy from the ASPIRE Room or the Bonanza School Counselor.  Complete this form and submit it along with the requested materials to the Bonanza School Counselor’s Office. 

Required Application Materials 

Signed Application Form 

High School Transcript

Must include grades from the 1st semester of your senior year


Should include high school activities such as student government, sports, public service and community service programs, etc. 

Should include awards and special recognitions you have received


Should describe what positive contribution(s) you have made towards Bonanza Schools, Sports, or Community

Should include information on your plans for after graduation from Bonanza, including college and career goals

Should include information on how being involved in sports and/or other leadership opportunities has benefited you during your high school career 

Letters of Recommendation

Provide at least two letters of recommendation from teachers, staff, or coaches